Once you've decided on your "Package",
it's very easy to get started...

Step 1

Send us your music & editing needs.

•Start by sending us an e-mail with your songs and what you need done.

Example: "I've attached the song. I need 0:15-1:25 then cut to 2:36-end.
Can you please get rid of the word "ass" at 1:05.
Please find a way to end it so it doesn't fade and trail out. Maybe explosion sound FX."

•If your e-mail has trouble sending large files than we will send you a "File Request" link to upload to.
•If you do not already own the songs then we can purchase from iTunes and the cost will be reflected on your invoice.

Step 2

We complete the task and send the piece back to you for approval.

Yes, that simple.
If we have any questions or confusions we will let you know.

Edits will normally be completed in 48 hours and returned to you for your approval.
Rush service is available for a nominal fee.

Step 3

If you are happy, great!
If not, you send back notes and we repeat from Step 2.

If something isn't sounding quite right then let us know and we'll make it right.
This can continue until the piece is exactly as you hoped.

Once you are satisfied and you have no other pieces pending we will send you an updated statement outlining the time used toward your package.
For "Freelance Audition" customers, we will send you an invoice with the final cost.