Packages & Pricing


Music editing packages


Each project is unique and can often consist of many different services.
We are here to make the music work for you, however & whatever is needed.

Commonly requested services:

  • Editing / splicing / cropping

  •  Addition of hits & accents

  • Swear removal / cover up

  • Create ending / remove trail-out

  • Tempo changes

  • Mash-Ups

  • Key / Pitch changes

  • Smooth & seamless transitions

  • Voice Over

  • Sound FX

Premium Services

• Recital / Show Programming

Have us organize all of your pieces into one program with transition music between pieces if you want. No more switching CD's and making the audience wait. Run the whole show off of one computer. 

• Song Enhancement

Finished choreographing and setting your piece but the music is still falling flat compared to the amazing performance the dancers are giving? Everything coming across as "one note". Send us your song and a video of your dance and let us create exciting hits and accents to match your choreography!

• Just Ask •

We have the technology and expertise to do almost anything you can dream of.
Contact us today to talk about your dream piece and get started right away.