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Here are some common questions people have about our services.

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+ How do you deal with swear removal/cover up?

Every song in unique. Sometimes we use a snippet from another section or sometimes we add new hits. We do all that while muting the swear and keeping the tempo and proper feel of the piece.

+ When you say "simple edit", what does that mean?

Every project and in fact every edit is slightly different so they will take different times. Two similar tasks on different songs could take much different times.
Ex. If an edit erases where a natural key change was it will take longer to make the new transition sound natural.
That having been said, a "simple edit" is usually something that consists of 1-4 tasks (edit, swear removal, new ending).

+ Are custom edits & cuts kept private?

Ideas, song choice(s) and final edits are not shared or distributed to anyone else. We keep your projects in a personal file in case you want to revisit them or you lose the finished work.

+ I can't send large files through e-mail.

That's totally fine. We can send you a "File Request" link to upload your song to the "cloud". Alternately we can purchase the song(s) for you so you never have to send any file(s) at all.

+ Can you change the tempo of a song or even just a section?

We can change just a section or a whole song's tempo. While the goal is to not affect the quality of the song at all, the more drastic the change, the more the song will distort.

+ Can you remove vocals from a song?

Unfortunately record producers and studios frown on this so have made it difficult / almost impossible to do a good job of removing just the vocalist from a track. What we CAN do for you is help source a high quality karaoke track or create one for you

+ Why do you sell packages with time?

After years of working freelance and billing clients $20 here, $12 there, we realized that those same clients loved our services so much they kept coming back for more. Moving away from those small invoices allows us more time dedicated to editing your music and allows you to worry less about whether you've paid those pesky invoices or not.

+ When I buy a package, does the time expire?

Once you purchase the time, it's yours to use whenever you want. If you have a few minutes left you can wait until next season and use it all up!