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We believe that the music that accompanies any style of choreography should support the piece and never draw an audience member or judge out of it.

We've got you covered.

Let us make your vision become a reality.

Our Services

  • Splicing / Editing

  • Make competition length

  • Swear Removal/Cover-up

  • Mash-ups

  • Sound FX

  • Strong Endings

  • Hits & Accents

  • Voice Overs

  • Mix/Blend Multiple Songs

  • Custom Compositions

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3 Easy Steps

Once you've purchased your package or have chosen to work "freelance", the fun begins...

Send us your music & editing requests.

We return it complete.

If you are satisfied, wonderful! If not, we repeat until you are.

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We've Been Around the Block

just music has worked with former choreographers of the Canadian National Tap and Hip Hop teams along with many studios, directors and choreographers. Pieces with edits by just music have won many awards at festivals and competitions across North America and have been complimented in adjudicators commentary and notes.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a resource for the creative arts and sport communities to create non-jarring, seamless music edits along with other music services to allow the choreographer the time and head space to flourish as just that, the choreographer.



A Personal Service Like No Other

We work closely with choreographers to help them achieve the perfect piece they've been invisioning.
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