Features Glossary

Retainer Editing Time

This is the amount of time that is included in your purchased package. We offer you to buy "time" instead of measuring your purchase with "edits" or "projects" because there are too many variables with editing and we want any of your creative ideas to be possible. 

Two similar tasks on different songs could take much different times.
Ex. If an edit removes where a natural key change was it will take longer to make the transition sound natural.

Certain premium options like "Rush" service or "Phone" service will simply cost time and a half  from your package instead of being charged any extra fee on top.


Everybody has a unique way of working and we're here to support you. With Justin's dance training he's able to speak your language however you want to get your vision across.

•E-mail communication is the most popular due to the freedom to connect when is convenient for you.

However, some things just need to be talked out with immediate feedback & collaboration. That is why we offer the ability to discuss projects over the phone.

•Phone communication is free for "Studio Director" and higher and billed toward your hours with all other packages.

MP3 Delivery

All variations of your dance including the final piece get delivered as an MP3. The MP3 is always ID3 tagged with the name of your piece clearly marked.

Private Cloud Hosting

All packages include cloud hosting via Dropbox.
   Advantages of hosting on the cloud are:

  • No more large-file e-mails that get lost in space or don't send at all.
  • Share the private link with your dancers so they can practice at home with the most recent track.
  • Trying to find a piece you did 2 years ago? You can re-visit your folder and find it any time.
  • No worrying about your hard-drive crashing and loosing all your pieces.

Edit Worksheet

Do you have things written on scrap pieces of paper all over your desks and tables? 
Our Edit Worksheet allows you to easily jot down edit times of a piece and any other notes.
When you're ready to submit your piece to us either transfer the information into an e-mail or simply take a picture of the worksheet.

The "Callback" package includes a link for you to download and print the Edit Worksheet at home.
With the "Company Member" package and above you will receive an Edit Worksheet Notepad in the mail!

Authorized Users

As a studio owner, all the pieces that hit the stage are a reflection of you and the studio you're working so hard to build.

With multiple authorized users you can let your other choreographers access our music editing services.

Advantages of  adding authorized users:

  • Keep the quality of the music from your studio consistent.
  • A great gift or incentive for your teachers and choreographers.
  • Option to set time caps for each person so you stay aware of the time being used. This way one person doesn't do a huge production piece with voiceovers and sound FX without you knowing.

Priority "Front Of Line" Service

As a VIP member who has purchased a "Studio Director" package, you get front-of-line service. That means, when your piece comes in, we work on it first and get it back to you before any other pieces get done.

"Rush" Service

Rush service is considered anything under 48 hours.

We've all been there... using a track for rehearsal, all of a sudden it's time to hit the stage and you realize you've been manually stopping the track and it actually has no ending. Or maybe you've been playing the song with some questionable language but now you would get DQ'd if it hits the stage like that tomorrow.

Have no fear.
Contact us and let us know that it's an emergency and when you need it done by.

Rush Fees:
Freelance Audition - $5
"Callback" & "Company Member" Packages - time and a half from your package
"Studio Director" Package and higher - FREE